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From over 1000s of feedback, we have chosen a few in order to capture the bulk of emotions and suggestion by our dear customers.

   Harshavardhan, HAMPTA CIRCLE (3650 M / 11,700 FEET) TREK said..

When I first came to this camp, I wasn’t expecting the challenges. It was amazing with all the activities. It was filled with adventures and fun everyday.
Thanks a lot NALS!

   Srinidhi, HAMPTA CIRCLE (3650 M / 11,700 FEET) TREK said..

The campsite is beautiful. The food rocks. I had an amazing time and met some amazing people. The trek was great and we were kept busy throughout. It was pretty cool, I mean the whole route. The nights were very cold. Loved the instructors, the kitchen staff, the food, the trek, the campsites, and the weather. Awesome Time.


   Meera Rajkumar, Staff, BVB - Kodaikanal said..

“It was a pleasure having you here at Kodaikanal. We are indeed very glad that you could make it so soon. The program was in fact an eye opener for our students. I think our students are really fortunate and blessed for getting an opportunity to attend the program. The students have been benefited tremendously from the program. We would like to thank you for the same”

   Mr. S Muralidharan, COO - Alphacraft, Coimbatore said..

"Good day!
We acknowledge with thanks the kind adventurous leadership training imparted to our team. We all really enjoyed the program and sure that all of us would've taken "at least one important attitude / trait" with us for the betterment of oneself, family, society, corporate and if given chance for the country.

I wish to say "the team of career guides (Life guides!) - NALS" made us understand the basic foundation of living together - Trust, Listening, Teaming, Focus, Attitude, Ego, Love, Appreciation, Discipline, Punctuality, Health, Risk - Taking & Mitigation and Safety - Individual & Dependent.

It gave the confidence for us that:

  • We can do better if we could compliment each other
  • We can excel if we work towards the target with a strategy
  • We shall reach the goal if we execute as per the plan
  • We can take any extent of risks once we re sure of the safety in place

In the end we all felt the program has come to an end very soon. It would've been better there was no end!

Once again thank you very much for the soulful expression of the need to be strong (Both physically & mentally) and guide the next generation to grow strong. So that our country shall be always stronger.

Take this opportunity to thank Mr. Sriram, Lt. Seshadri and the entire team of yours for providing an wonderful lifetime experience to us. Looking forward to undergo further training with you as soon as possible"

   Mr John Raja, Production Head, Texmo Industries said..

Thank you for the excellent program on Conflict and Stress Management and we feel that it has given a strong impact to our team and we are sharing their feedback below:


• As the biological effects of stress are mentioned in the program, we would try to lead a stress free life in order to maintain a good health.

• It is highlighted that the persons themselves are the reason for 90%of conflicts . So, those who wants to lead a peaceful life will try to control and overcome their emotions.

• From the four quadrant classification, it was helpful to understand that in what quadrant we are and what are all the characteristics to be improved.

• It is understood that patience & tolerance is the important characteristics that every individual must possess to have better life.

• The lessons will be very much helpful in our day to day life.

   Indhumathi Sivakumar, Coimbatore said..

All our expectations were fulfilled. We experienced in and out of Manali very well. Had fun filled evenings with everyone. All the trainers were caring and loving, Especially Dheenu is awesome, entertained us, very well. Leaving Manali, NALS camp Half minded

   Sujatha Venkatesh, Chennai said..

This is my first camp but we were assured of all safety and fun. Staff at the camp look good care of each one of us and kept us engaged all time. They always made sure our energy levels are high and we were able to accomplish the activities. Thanks for the good food carrying back wonderful memories and Good sprits & feeling

   Radhai Shanmugam, TIPS, Erode said..

A Wonderful experience. Arrangements were very comfortable and safe. The instructors were very professional, took extreme care of safety was the topmost Priority. Well planned and executed. Food was very good with a different menu for each day. 05 May 2015 hoping to return

   Gurushankar, Senior Associate - Human Resources, Allison Transmissions said..

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for an excellent and informative program! Words cannot describe how enthusiastic and empowered we felt. I applaud your professionalism, dedication and integrity that we all were amazed for the two days we spent at NALS Thank you for a life changing experience, you stretched our thoughts and provided a road map for even greater achievement. You are a dynamic speaker and being in that charged atmosphere was invigorating.

Our team has expressed their gratitude to you from their bottom of heart. Their feedback to our management is magnificent.

   Sangeetha S said..

On behalf of Cameron Students, I sincerely thank you for giving them a memorable experience for the three days at NALS. They came back with great vigour and enthusiasm and reported that they thoroughly enjoyed the training and learning. Kindly convey my thanks and appreciation to Lt. Seshadri for being instrumental in creating a learning and enjoyable experience for our students.

Looking forward towards associating with your team in the future.

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We acknowledge with thanks for the kind adventurous leadership training imparted to our team. We all really enjoyed the program and sure that all of us would ve taken "at least one important attitude / trait" with us for the betterment of oneself, family, society, corporate and if given chance for the country....

Mr. S Muralidharan, COO - Alphacraft, Coimbatore

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