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Host the Super Climber Championships

The Super Climber program is an innovative initiative by NALS in improving the health and perseverance of our citizens. NALS can design, install and operate the infrastructure In your institution premises. If you are interested in hosting the Super Climber program, read further and write to seshadri@nals.in

Two of the key elements missing in some of our youth are perseverance and resilience and this is leading them to depression, substance abuse, higher incidence of family separation and even suicide. Wall climbing as a sport is known to improve mental strength and self belief. Any institution which offers sports facilities that challenge the mind and body is directly contributing to Nation building.


Any of the following institutions can be eligible for hosting the championships

  • Educational institution, preferably offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs to over 5000 students
  • Large corporate house or business park or Tech park with over 10000 employees
  • Have an existing vertical wall of about 40 feet height and 25 feet width

What will Super Climber program bring to your institution?

  • Design and installation capability for the wall climbing elements - climbing holds, route marking, anchors etc
  • Operation of the climbing wall elements
  • Marketing the Super Climber program at a National level, handling enquiries, registrations, running the championship and prize distribution
  • Recruiting qualified trainers and supervisory team, their salaries and upkeep
  • Maintenance of the climbing wall elements - hold replacement, route design, periodic safety inspections, painting and minor repairs.

Benefits to the Nation

  • Wall climbing improves health and fitness of the climber. It can reduce gadget addiction, improve mental strength and therefore reduce suicidal tendencies - the modern day curse amongst several students.
  • Any institution will be interested in promoting the health and fitness of its citizens - This is a major investment in the health of the Nation

If you are interested in becoming a host for the Super Climber program, please write to seshadri@nals.in

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We are so happy being with you past 3 days. We donít like to leave from there. We have entered NALS campus with great expectations and you have filled up all those expectations and you have given great wisdom of life. Already I had different kind of training and camp from different skilled persons. But you are quite different in approaching the trainees.

Prabhu, Phd Scholar, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore

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