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FAQs provide immediate answers to some of the routine, but necessary, questions that customers ask and need to know.

What is Wall Climbing?

Wall Climbing is an adventure sport in which artificials holds are fitted to a wall and people can climb these walls as a sport. Safety is provided by using ropes and anchors. Walls are generally made of plywood, concrete slabs or multiplex boards. NALS has innovated by fitting the holds on an existing brick wall - a technique rarely used in the industry. This saves cost and time for the institution.

Several contours and inclinations can be designed and built into the wall, which will add to the thrill and challenge elements.

What is the purpose for Wall Climbing?

Like an other sport, Wall Climbing is meant to challenge the mind and body. Wall Climbing is an excellent form of recreational and social activity.

What are the benefits of Wall Climbing?

Climbing is a wonderful activity that gives multiple benefits - builds endurance and strength, burns calories, accelerates weight loss and improves mental strength - particularly perseverance and resilience, to name a few.

Some of the other benefits of Wall Climbing:

  • Combines cardio and strength into a single workout
  • Strengthens and tones muscles
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves flexibility
  • Prevents chronic disease
  • Helps conquer fear and improve ability to handle risk
  • Improves self belief, confidence, self esteem, perseverance and resilience
Where can these Climbing walls be established?

Climbing walls can be established in the following places:

  1. Schools, Colleges, Universities, Corporate facilities
  2. Malls and public places
  3. Condominiums and gated properties
  4. Sports centers
  5. Indoor gyms, etc
Does NALS develop wall climbing infrastructure?

Yes, NALS has the ability to develop Climbing Wall infrastructure on existing brick walls. NALS can design, install and operate the wall.

How can my institution set-up a Climbing Wall?

Please write to seshadri@nals.in

What is the difference between rock climbing and wall climbing?

Rocks are natural challenges not often available in a city. Whereas, wall climbing is an artificial challenge that can be created even in a small room. The convenience of going to a nearby wall climbing facility is making this sport very popular. Whereas, for rock climbing one may have to travel out of the city and this may require permissions from authorities and necessitate the need for a group.

What are the holds made of?

The holds are generally made out of synthetic compounds.

Why do people use chalk powder during climbing?

This is done in order to absorb sweat from the fingers and palm. If not done, one can lose grip on the rock surface or holds.

What are the safety aspects in Wall Climbing?

Safety is an important parameter in Wall Climbing as a fall from heights can injure the climber very seriously. Ropes and anchors are used to keep the climber safe. Expert supervision is crucial in maintaining safety aspects of Wall Climbing

How are the holds fitted?

Holds are fitted to the wall using t-nuts. Holds can be removed, replaced when required.

What is the difference between Indoor and Outdoor Climbing?

Wall Climbing when performed inside a building or gymnasium is called Indoor Climbing. This is normally required in those countries where the climate outdoors is very cold or hot such as in Europe, America, the Middle East, Australia, etc. In India, outdoor climbing is possible for most of the year. Further, the existing side wall of many a building can be used to build an artificial climbing wall.

What are the types of championships in Wall Climbing?

In general, wall climbing championships have the following formats:

  • Bouldering - wherein the climber will move up the wall with self anchors
  • Speed Climbing - The climber is belayed from the top
Does NALS offer championships?

Yes, NALS offers wall climbing championships in the following formats:

  • Open format - any person between the ages 6 ~ 50 yrs can register and participate
  • Closed format - This is for intra and inter school, college, corporate or any other group

Also, there are other formats of championships within the above formats:

  • Individual
  • Team
How to prepare for Championships?
  1. NALS offers customised training programs during weekends - one can register for the same. See the Home page of this website for more details
  2. Strengthening the body is an important process in preparing for Wall Climbing. Some of the areas one should cover are:
    • Cardio vascular fitness
    • Upper body strength - arms, shoulders, chest
    • Core - abdomen and back
    • Endurance and stamina
Does NALS offer certification programs for Wall Climbing?

Yes, NALS offers the following two certificate programs for Wall Climbing enthusiasts.

  • Basic Wall Climbing Program
  • Advance Wall Climbing Program
What are the benefits of these certificate programs?

There are several benefits, such as:

  1. Learning a rare skill in the field of adventure sports
  2. Getting into part time or full time careers in the field of Wall Climbing
  3. Experiencing the joy of motivating others to reach their full potential
  4. Knowledge of ropes, knots, anchoring and belaying
  5. Improved physical and mental fitness and overall health
Does NALS offer memberships in the Wall Climbing Facility?

Yes, NALS offers the following two types of memberships:

  1. Silver member
    • Individual
    • Family
  2. Gold member
    • Individual
    • Family
Can a member bring guests?

Yes, guests may have to pay a fee for using the wall. Contact the wall climbing facility in-charge on site, for details.

Can a visitor use the wall?

Yes, after payment of visitor fee on the site. The “pay per use” rates are available with the site in-charge.

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