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Super Climber Championships

Wall climbing championships are now available in Coimbatore and in the following formats:

1. Open Format

  • Open to general students, adults and any person who fits into the age category from any geographical territory
  • Based on age and gender categories
  • Dates for this format will be announced on the homepage of this website from time to time. Registrations will open on preset dates and climbers can register and pay online. Registrations may be close any time without prior information once the planned number of climbers register under certain category

2. Closed Format

  • Open to groups such as corporate, inter school, inter college, etc
  • Only members of such groups will be allowed to participate in this format
  • Age and gender category will be made available based on the group’s theme
  • In this format, the championships can be designed both for individuals or groups
  • Dates for this format will be announced only to the individual group and registrations will be managed online.
  • Any institution which wants an internal championship can write to seshadri@nals.in for designing one.

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Age Category for open format

A climber may register under his age category as well as open category. It is not mandatory to register in both these categories and climber may choose any one during registration.

Age Category Age Limits
Sub-Sub Junior (Boys / Girls) 6 ~ 9 Years
Sub Junior (Boys / Girls) 9 ~ 12 Years
Junior (Boys / Girls) 12 ~ 15 Years
Senior (Boys / Girls) 15 ~ 18 Years
Men & Women 18 ~ 35 Years
Super Seniors (Men / Women) 35 ~ 50 Years
Open (Male / Female) 6 ~ 50 Years

How is age calculated?

NALS will announce “Benchmark Date” on the registration page for the year’s championships. A climber’s age is calculated as on this date and his or her category is automatically assigned.

Benchmark Date : 01 Aug 2017

Climber Date of Birth Age as on Benchmark date Category Assigned
20 Jan 2011 6.5 yrs Sub-Sub Junior & Open category
20 Jan 2012 5.5 yrs Too young and ineligible to participate
01 Oct 2007 9.8 yrs Sub Junior & Open category

Open format championship rules

Click here to view our Open format championship rules

Do you want to host the Championships in your Institution?

Click here to view details about hosting the Championship in your Institution

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I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all those involved in planning and executing a very successful event at NALS facility, with the support of Mr. Seshadri of NALS. We maintained a strong focus on SAFETY throughout the program, the team building activities were well planned, celebrations and cultural events appropriately conducted to maintain a strong balance.

Vivek Bhide I Managing Director, GVR-India

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